Over half of the country’s flower-rich jurassic limestone grassland is found in the Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds Conservation Board are the lead Save Our Magnificent Meadows partner in the Cotswolds.

Focus for the project is on restoring land that reconnects isolated species-rich grassland fragments along the Scarp and within the river valleys.

Since Summer 2014, we have given advice to 100+ landowners and hosted 9 landowner workshops on grassland management best practice.

Over 1000 people have attended talks and guided walks celebrating the importance and beauty of meadows.

We’ve run 19 training courses for our volunteers who have clocked up over 4700 hours of scything, scrub bashing and surveying of these precious habitats.

We’ve held open days and events on grassland across the Cotswolds and worked with primary and secondary schools to encourage them to explore their local meadows.

We’ve harvested wildflower seed from donor fields using our brush harvester and spread it on suitable local sites whose landowners have agreed to manage them appropriately for wildlife.

We also have a number of Community Champions and Landowner Champions who will continue to engage with local audiences on the importance of this precious habitat once the project finishes in late 2017.

Contact Eleanor Reast, Conservation Officer, for more info – the Cotswolds, Magnificent Meadows is delivered with support from Avon Wildlife Trust, Batheaston Freeholders Association, Buglife B-Lines, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the National Trust.