National Meadows Day

Saturday 1st July 2017 was National Meadows Day and people had a blooming great time!

Have you discovered a meadow recently? If you did, you may have felt a buzz in the air - and not only from the bees. More than 115 events took place on or around National Meadows Day, celebrating wildflower grasslands.

Click here to see some great photos and other results from this year's events on Plantlife's blog.

National Meadows Day is an opportunity for you to showcase the amazing wildflowers and species you have on your sites and in your communities. We're putting together the results from 2017's events, but feedback from 2016 showed that many people attending events were surprised by the diversity of the flora and sheer number of insects and reptiles found in the meadows they visited. This really reinforced the importance of meadow preservation, and of the role of the National Meadows Day events in educating the public about this important habitat that is fast disappearing.

We are keen to grow this event nationally so that National Meadows Day becomes an annual event taking place on the first Saturday of July every year (Sunday is fine too).  Our vision is for people to celebrate National Meadows Day in their own city, village, parish, wildlife reserve, allotment or farm all over the UK.

Watch this space for news of National Meadows Day 2018 on Saturday 7th July!