National Meadows Photography Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2016 National Meadows Photography Competition: 


​Overall Winner & Winner of Magnificent Minibeasts, 14 & under:

Magnificent Marmalade by Lucy Hammond (Warwickshire)

Judges Comments:

“This feels like something out of a science fiction film. Great angle looking straight into it's eyes. A striking image of a hover fly with so much detail, and showing skills in composition.” 

 Photographer’s inspiration:

“I am fascinated by all types of bees and insects.  This interested me as it looked quite unusual, after some research I found out it was called a Marmalade hover fly.”

Location:  on meadow land at my grandad’s farm in North Warwickshire


Winner of Meadows as a Landscape:

Meadow View by Sonia Hill (Wiltshire)

Judges Comments:

“Absolutely cracking image - evocative of a perfect summer's day in a meadow. Great variety of plants in the foreground and a good view over the surrounding countryside.  This truly met the essence of the category and illustrates very well how meadows are an integral part of the wider landscape.”

Photographer’s inspiration:

“I was walking my dog through the nature reserve this morning and felt inspired to take this photo of the meadow from a slightly different angle. The sky was beautiful too and I wanted to include it.”

Location: Morgans Hill, Wiltshire


Winner of Meadows in Miniature:

Chalkhill Blue and the setting sun by Andy Ingham (Oxfordshire)

Judges comments:

“Wonderfully crisp image of both the Blue and the scabious. Perfect in its simplicity.”

Photographer’s inspiration:

“For me, meadows represent wide, open, restful places to enjoy nature. The Chalkhill Blue had settled down for the evening and I was able to lie down next to it and photograph the butterfly backlit by the sun. Bliss!”

Location: Aston Rowant NNR, Oxfordshire