What type of meadow do I have?

Different types of grassland are species-rich and not all of them have lots of flowers.

Plants are used as indicators of grassland quality.  To identify whether your meadow or grassland is species-rich use our Grassland Plant Identification Guide and then choose the relevant habitat to find out more about the type of grassland you have.  Don't forget to have a look at the information on waxcap fungi - these colourful mushrooms only fruit during the autumn and are easy to overlook when identifying your grassland at other times of the year.

Once you have identified the type of species-rich grassland you have, it is important that you manage it in a suitable way to maintain the range of plants and wildlife that live there.  Look at the How Can I Manage My Meadow section to find out more about how to do this.

If the common grassland plants shown in our Identification Guide are not present in your grassland then it may not be species-rich.   However, it is possible that you could restore or recreate a species-rich grassland on your land.  To find out more about whether you could do this have a look at Is My Land Suitable for Restoring or Creating a Meadow.

If you want some help about where to go next please see the flow-chart for the advice and guidance section.

Case Study: Haunn Field

Species-rich grassland in Scotland

Download PDF

Case study: Deer Park Farm

Hay meadows and pasture at Deer Park Farm in England.

Download PDF

Case study: Monyash Farm

Upland hay meadows, calcareous and acid grassland in England

Download PDF

Case study: Peewits Valley

Hay meadow and grazing management of a calcareous meadow in England

Download PDF

Case study: Francesca’s Meadow

A restored lowland meadow created by a local community group

Download PDF

Case study: Wylam Communtiy Orchard

Creation of an orchard and lowland meadow by a local community group

Download PDF

Case study: Monastery Meadows

Restoration of an urban species-rich grassland in Northern Ireland

Download PDF

Case study: Navar Meadows

Restoration of an abandoned series of meadows in Northern Ireland

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