Technical information for advisers

This section is specifically written for advisers in meadow management and restoration. It has been separated into various sections with links to reports, conferences and workshops and information on legislation.


Regulations, legislation, tips and advice

Lessons learnt growing plug plants for whin and calaminarian grassland, Magnificent Meadows (2017) - an advice note about growing and transplanting plug plants for these rare types of grassland. Some of the lessons learnt may be relevant for all plug planting.

Lessons learnt harvesting, storing and spreading seed, Magnificent Meadows (2017) - an advice note containing tips and advice about vacuum harvesting, brush-harvesting green hay and other processes associated with harvesting, storing and spreading species-rich seed.

Lessons learnt sowing seed, Magnificent Meadows (2017) - an advice note about ground perparation and three different methods of sowing seed including hand-sowing, using a seed fiddle and a culti-pack seeder.

Lessons learnt setting-up a community machinery toolkit, Magnificent Meadows (2017) - an advice note about how a community machinery toolkit was set-up and run.

Marketing preservation mixtures in England and Wales, Coronation Meadows (2015) - if you are intending to brush-harvest or vacuum-harvest seed in England and Wales you may need a APHA license to transfer the seed to recipient sites. The links download the Cert 11 Form to apply for a license for seed marketing operations and an example spreadsheet to register your donor and recipient sites.  

Guidance Note on Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations and Restoring Wildflower Grasslands, Natural England, Magnificent Meadows and Coronation Meadows (2016) - some activities might require an Environmental Impact Assessment screening, such as clearing scrub. We have produced a briefing which provides more information about when this process may be required and a more in-depth guidance note for England.


Conferences and workshops

Save Our Magnificent Meadows Conference, Magnificent Meadows (2017) - a conference about teh work undertaken within and outside of the project on grassland management, restoration and expansion, and community and landowner engagement.

Northern Grasslands Conference, Magnificent Meadows and Northumberland Wildlife Trust (2017) - a conference focussing on the range of species-rich grassland in the north of England including waxcap grasslands, whin grassland and calaminarian grassland. The presentations and resources can be downloaded at the bottom of the webpage. 

Building Bridges between Farming and Nature: Grazing is Amazing, Pont and CIEEM (2017) - a conference focused on grazing and grasslands.

UK Grasslands Forum, Floodplain Meadows Partnership (2016) - a conference with a range of talks focused on floodplain meadows and a series of site visits to the Oxfordshire MG4 grasslands. Hosted jointly by the Floodplain Meadows Partnership, FAI Farms and Dr Alison McDonald.

Meadow Restoration Workshop, Coronation Meadows (2016) - the second workshop held with experienced practioners about creating wildflower grasslands. This is a summary document of the dicussions that took place that day, and covers topics such as local provenance of seed, creating bare ground and plug plants.

6th World Conference on Ecological Restoration; Towards Resilient Ecosystems: Restoring the Urban, the Rural and the Wild, Society for Ecological Restoration (2015) - a conference regarding the role of restoration in responding to change – climatic, environmental and in many cases social – and ensuring the integrity and health not only of natural systems, but of the human communities that depend on them.

Inspiring Meadows Conference, Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (2015) - conference about restoring species-rich grassland in Scotland and included presentations on germination rates (Scotia Seeds), soil conditions and carbon sequestation (SRUC) and the need to conserve and create wildflower meadows (SNH).

Meadow Restoration Workshop, Coronation Meadows (2015) - the first workshop held with experienced practioners about creating wildflower grasslands. This is a summary document of the dicussions that took place that day, and covers topics such as natural regeneration 'v' seed mixtures, timing of harvesting seed, how to judge whether a restoration is successful and common causes of failure.

Reversing the Trend: the future of meadows?, Coronation Meadows (2014) - summary notes from a conference discussing how we value, protect and sustain meadows. 

Restoring Diverse Grassland: What can be achieved where, and what will it do for us?, British Ecological Society, Natural England and British Grassland Society (2012) - Conference about restoring species-rich grssland. There is a presentation on the outcomes of the conference available for free and the conference papers have been published Aspects of Applied Biology 115 (contents list)



These reports contain information about the changing state of species-rich meadows and useful statistics.

Reversing the Trend Action Plan, Coronation Meadows (2014)

Save Our Vanishing Grasslands, The Wildlife Trusts (2014)

And On That Farm... in England, Scotland and Wales, Plantlife (2013)

Our Vanishing Flora, Plantlife (2012)

Nature's Tapestry, The Grasslands Trust (2011)

England's Green Unpleasant Land, The Wildlife Trusts and Plantlife (2002)